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Dark Horse


Dark Horse

BOOK ∙ 2022

Gregg Hurwitz

It can be dangerous for an assassin to have a heart—and that’s what makes Gregg Hurwitz’s thriller so fascinating. Evan Smoak was known as Orphan X back when he worked as a killer for the government. Now that he’s a freelancer trying to do the right thing, they call him the Nowhere Man. When Texas crime lord Aragon Urrea needs his 18-year-old daughter rescued from the clutches of a rival cartel, that whole “doing the right thing” idea gets pretty complicated. Pairing Evan with the morally complicated Aragon gives Hurwitz a fantastic opportunity to delve into his character’s psyche. That inner struggle (how different is Evan from the crime kingpin, really?) adds a taut emotional underpinning to the hard-driving action. Whether or not you’ve read any of the other books in Hurwitz’s long-running Smoak series, you’ll love this multifaceted action hero: a complicated man for complicated times.

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