Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict

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** This game officially supports English.

Brand new, P2E 4X battle! Start with ‘Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict’!

Claim victory on the open ocean! Battle and earn crypto!

Command a powerful navy and strategize to secure victory!

Claim victory in warfare to earn bigger and better rewards!

Casual players can earn too! Complete quests and participate in activities.

◆ ‘Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict’, the brand new P2E 4X game!
- The Top-Tier 4X Battle now adds more fun with P2E!
- A Play & Earn Game that is easy to play and effortlessly enjoyable!
- Complete Daily Quests and other activities to collect Titanium and exchange it for Crypto!

◆ Collect Powerful Units and Equipment!
- Collect Jets, Ships, Tanks and Aircraft Carriers to display absolute power.
- From Normal to Legendary, collect unique Equipment to strengthen your Combat Power.
- Use Crypto to obtain Titanium. The element that empowers you to become stronger, faster.

◆ Utilize Crypto to build a Powerful Base!
- Go Mine and collect Titanium from Resource Islands!
- Use Titanium to upgrade your HQ and buildings!
- Produce powerful Units by completing Research and Upgrading!

◆ Warfare on a never before seen, Massive Scale!
- Download Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict and join players from all over the World!
- Form a Powerful Alliance to Win your War!
- Participate in the Base of Operation Conquest, WWT and City Conquest events to get more Rewards!

▶ Permission Notice
- [Optional] Access to Photos: Permission required for uploading an image from your album to the game’s profile settings.
- [Optional] Push Notification: Permission required to receive push notice from the game.
- [Optional] Identifier for Advertisers: Permission required for ‘Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA)’.

▶ How to Revoke Permissions
- Settings > Privacy Settings > Select Permission > Select Agree or Revoke

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