Sierra Six


Sierra Six

BOOK ∙ 2022

Mark Greaney

In this installment of Mark Greaney’s popular Gray Man series, ghosts from the past seek out brutal vengeance. Before becoming the sought-after assassin known as the Gray Man, Court Gentry learned the ropes of covert ops as Sierra Six, the new kid on an elite CIA squad. As part of that crew, Gentry helped take out a feared terrorist leader…but the mission might not have been as complete as he thought. Greaney uses dual timelines of past and present to tell this high-octane story—and when events from 12 years ago inevitably collide with the Gray Man’s current reality, the explosion is spectacular. We love Greaney’s meticulous attention to detail about everything from cutting-edge weapons to faraway locales. Look no further for an intense, nuanced adventure thriller.

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