Anime High School Boy Life Sim

Anime High School Boy Life Sim

Anime High School Boy Life Sim

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Make fun as high school boy and attach with school fellows in school life game.
Play a brand new high school boy game which doing some tough tasks in a virtual school life sim. After that schoolboy goes to the kitchen to make breakfast for your virtual family in this high school boys game. After breakfast boy gets ready for high school in this school boy game. The virtual school boy reaches the school on time and meets the class fellows to do make some fun with your old school friends in anime school boy. Go to the classroom to attend the class very carefully and get ready to give class quiz tests in the school boy simulator. You played a lot of school boys' games but you play this game forgot another game. High school games designed for schoolboys who spend time with their school friends and enjoy their school life days. Enjoy your high school life and doing the cheating in the quiz test. Take a lot of difficult tasks in school or date your loved one in this school story games for girls. Do not give any clue or not let the chance to find proof & catch you in high school games for boys and girls.

In Anime High School Boy Life Sim amazing level along with school life days tasks on sizzling high-quality 3D graphics that will give you adventurous fun. Take adventurous fun as an anime schoolgirl and accept the all difficult challenging tasks of school life days. you will enjoy school life. Come and join the world's best game of anime school boy.
Anime High School Girl Life 3D - Sakura Simulator Features.
• High-quality 3D graphics with thrilling gameplay for high school anime boy
• Handy controls for school boy, karate girl or prank girl in school life
• Challenging tasks for both sick lover and the anime schoolgirl with outfit shop

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