Bounty Pirates

Bounty Pirates

Bounty Pirates

GAMES ∙ 2022

Harbin Tairuibao Technology Co.,ltd.

Perfectly recreate a sea world of adventure, this idle RPG will take you to an age of chaos. Together with your friends, recruit your crews and conquer the world!
An amazing sea journey is about to start! See that shaking pointer? That is your next goal!

·Free adventure! Large sea and exploring!
Watching ship crossing Alabasta and Water Seven, even Marine Headquarter !

·Fight together and earn bonds
Recruit popular characters, fight alongside with them and release the ultimate skill to finish your foes!

·Strategy gameplay
5v5 real time duel, with epic skill animations and unique settings! Time to fight my friends!

·Idle game, relax game experience
Free your hands, you can farm in-game items even when you are offline! Tap a single button and claim them all! Easy time killing game.

·You are not alone here
Assemble your crews and conquer the world with your friends!

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