DB:Super Saiyan Awaken

DB:Super Saiyan Awaken

DB:Super Saiyan Awaken

GAMES ∙ 2022


Amazing 3D visuals, your favorite childhood heroes, thrilling skill effects, the exciting adventure restarts with The Last Saiyan !

Meet the heroes: all the characters from the manga are there! Hundreds of fighters waiting to be recruited to help you win every battle!
Immersive battles: exquisite 3D combat visuals, every punch packs loads of excitement!
Power UP: equip your fighter with the best gear, boost them beyond limits, until they become the strongest fighters of the Universe!
Mighty Alliance: build an Alliance with your friends, defeat challengers coming your way, snatch enemy forts, fight together!
Easy reset: growth reset system makes developing your fighters so easy. Change your squad anytime and get 100% upgrade materials back!

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