FOOD & DRINK ∙ 2022

Powered Ventures, Inc.

Welcome to a new era of convenience. Duffl delivers snacks, drinks, and household goods in college communities in 10 minutes.

Dying for a bag of chips? Maybe an impromptu Yerba Mate? How about that NyQuil when you just don’t want to leave? Duffl is the world’s most convenient store, and we’ve got your back. Order through the app, dance for 10 minutes, and a fellow student will drop your bag at your door.

You can shop at Duffl and support your community at:




UC Berkeley

University of Arizona NOW OPEN!

More coming soon!

What does Duffl sell?

Anything a successful college student might need: snacks, chips, ice cream, fruit, toilet paper, notebooks, toothpaste, and much more. We carry some awesome new brands like Dream Pops, Milk Bar, Guyaki, Simulate Nuggs, Oatly, Snaklins, and others you might not have heard of yet. We promise we also carry all your favorite brands too! We’ve got Takis, Cheetos, Ben & Jerry’s, M&Ms, Celcius, Amy’s, Tide, DayQuil, and so many more for you to choose from.

How much does Duffl cost?

We only charge a flat $1.95 delivery fee. No hidden fees, no surge pricing, no price-gouging. Our small delivery fee helps us offer a competitive wage to our student workforce, and helps us invest more into empowering the community.

Get free Duffl cash!

After you place your first order, we’ll send you a custom discount code that you can share with your friends. When they use your discount code at checkout, they’ll get $5 off their first two orders and we’ll drop $10 Duffl Cash into your account, it’s our way of saying “you’re amazing!”

Discounts & Promos?!

If you’re a top customer, we’ll add you to our “Thank You Thursday” list where we say thank you by texting you cool promos and big discounts. There’s no limit to how many times you can be on the list, so try to be a top customer every week!

Get involved with Duffl!

We’re hiring students for roles in every community: Admirals to manage and grow the campus store; Captains to pick, pack, and batch our bags; Racers to deliver bags via electric scooters; Supply Sergeants to help keep our store organized; Content Cadets to run the community Instagram page; Squad Members to help us with marketing activations in each community; and Social Media Special Ops to help promote Duffl on Instagram and TikTok. Do any of these sound like a good fit for you? Please apply today! Learn more at jobs.duffl.com

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