Kick Fear in the Face: Everything You Want Is on the Other Side of Fear (Unabridged)

Kick Fear in the Face: Everything You Want Is on the Other Side of Fear (Unabridged)


Thea Wood

Fear is the number one killer of dreams.

Do you feel like you’re meant for more, but you’ll never be enough? Do you have God-sized dreams but are afraid of boldly declaring and pursuing them? Are you stuck in a cycle of chasing people’s approval instead of your divine potential?

If so, Thea Wood gets you, sees you, and has contended with these feelings.

Early in life, she began to listen to the whispering voice of fear, starting her down a path of insecurity and comparison, threatening to destroy what she loved the most in life. As God worked on her heart—breaking chains, saving her marriage, waking her up to massive purpose—she began Kick Fear in the Face, a movement that shows people how to move from fear to faith, confidence, and action.

Through real-life experience of how to make simple changes in everything from relationships to habits, Thea has blazed a path that can free you from paralyzing fear. With encouragement from someone who has walked the path herself, you’ll push yourself toward greatness, breathing new life into your wildest dreams.

And best of all, you won’t walk this journey alone.

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