Makeup Repair & Organizing!

Makeup Repair & Organizing!

Makeup Repair & Organizing!


Fatmee Waqar

Welcome to the aesthetics makeup salon! A place where you prepare low budget clients who bring their damaged and destroyed makeup items. Being the master of aesthetics you need to repair makeup and give a new look to your clients. Makeup destruction & makeup repair is the new trend hitting all over the world, be a part of this ASMR makeup repair process and help you clients fixing their expensive old makeups using your aesthetics & makeup restoration techniques. Using DIY hacks and tricks repair all the makeup items like lipstick, concealer, brush, bronzer, nail polish and all the possible makeup items using repair and restoration tricks and techniques. Unleash the DIY makeup repairing artist and recreate makeup items yourself. The biggest ASMR repairing compilation in one game, download and enjoy!

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