Mythrill: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Mythrill: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Mythrill: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Mythrill Fiction

Mythrill is a world of immersive stories. Stories so good you can’t stop scrolling.

What’s better than a good story? A good story with Lore Cards. And if you’re here for the Lore Cards, you’re in the right place.

If you love Sci-Fi and Fantasy, you’ll love Mythrill.

Here’s what Mythrill Community Members are saying
"The second I saw the Lore Cards I knew I needed this app like yesterday."
"The Lore Cards. Then again, the whole app. It’s genius"
“I am so pumped for this”

Mythrill is created by Sci-Fi and Fantasy lovers for Sci-Fi and Fantasy lovers, so we handpicked exclusive stories for you to enjoy.
The Lun’Eddan Cycle: The usurpers armies sweep across the land as the King lies dead beside his throne – his sole heir left to flee and seek safety far south with naught but a Bearhunter as a guide.
Skywolf: Thorolf Ulfsen explores the galaxy aboard his family’s spaceship, the Night Wolf.
The Veil: The Veil Between Worlds is thinning, and three people with interconnected lives must find the cause before it’s too late.
The Tower of Nimrah: The corrupted tower home of the dead Goddess of Life is said to hold grand magical items, but those who walk the halls rarely leave as they enter, if they do at all.
Principia: In the 23rd century, a team of spies from the transhumanist colony world of Mars fight to prevent the cold war with technophobic Earth from becoming a hot one.
Darkwave: On a mission to destroy the corporations responsible for widespread augmentation distribution, Elena comes to understand that the insanity in the world may be induced by something more celestial.
God of Gears: Silas is given a second chance at life, as something neither human nor magical creature, and he must turn the tide of war as part of the deal; but will he obey the laws of Magic or favor his steampunk world?
Honor in the Dark: Afloat in the dark void of space, humanity must rely on sword, sorcery, and starship to survive after stumbling upon a secret war that threatens to destroy them.
The Death Of Aeron: On the edge of the galaxy, criminal syndicates, businessmen, the downtrodden, rogue government agents, bounty hunters, deformed genetic experiments and even those just trying to do what's right will race to tip the balance of power in their favor by finding Aeron, the mythic, refuge planet of the Moorvats, a race of genetically-modified super-soldiers.

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