Run, Rose, Run

Run, Rose, Run

BOOK ∙ 2022

James Patterson & Dolly Parton

This might just be the ultimate collaboration. Thriller master James Patterson and all-around goddess Dolly Parton team up for a suspenseful drama set in the Nashville music scene. The novel follows a young singer named AnnieLee who’s just arrived in town with big dreams, a big voice—and problems that have followed her all the way from Texas. After session musician Ethan sees AnnieLee perform at a dive bar, he introduces her to country-music legend Ruthanna Ryder. Patterson and Parton really pull us into the story of this trio, revealing secrets from each character’s past as the three become enmeshed in each other’s lives. Parton gives us an honest, inside look at the music industry while the pages fly past. Run, Rose, Run is an exciting journey into the dark side of Music City stardom, and it’s as glitzy and fun as you would expect from the rhinestone queen of country. 

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