The Love of My Life: A Novel (Unabridged)

The Love of My Life: A Novel (Unabridged)


Rosie Walsh

Your heart will ache for the couple in this heart-pounding domestic thriller when long-buried secrets rise to the surface of their seemingly perfect marriage. Newspaper obituary writer Leo thinks he knows everything worth knowing about his beloved wife, Emma, a successful marine biologist. But when she begins cancer treatment and he superstitiously starts working on her obituary, he discovers just how much about her he doesn’t know—like her education, her career, even her real name. We were stunned by each revelation, but most intriguing of all is the discovery that Emma shares a secret past with a prominent TV pundit and his troubled actress wife. Narrators Imogen Church and Theo Solomon brilliantly alternate between the journeys of these characters, deepening our sympathy and confusion with each chapter. Prepare to be thrilled by the loving intimacy, heartbreaking betrayals, and startling twists that fill this tale of lies, love, and redemption.

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