The Match

The Match

BOOK ∙ 2022

Harlan Coben

From its opening paragraph to its breathtaking climax, this thriller had us shook. Three decades ago, Wilde was “the Boy from the Woods,” a feral child discovered alone in the New Jersey mountains. Now, thanks to DNA testing, Wilde knows who his father was…a man who had no idea he even had a son. And that’s just the start of Harlan Coben’s white-knuckle mystery, which involves reality TV, the dark web, and a shadowy vigilante group that exposes the identities of online trolls. Oh, and a serial killer. We first met Wilde in The Boy from the Woods, and other characters from Coben’s books show up too, but you don’t need to have read any of them to enjoy this. There’s a real urgency to the writing—like the events are taking place right here, right now. Coben’s intricate plotting, shockingly violent twists, and duplicitous characters make The Match read like classic pulp fiction.

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