Timewreck Tales

Timewreck Tales

Timewreck Tales

GAMES ∙ 2022

Second Pass Studios

What happens when you combine a short, fun, narrative RPG with hours of replayability? What about when you throw flaming oil onto a yeti’s cave ruining her carpet? Find out the answer to those and many more of life’s questions in Timewreck Tales.

Fix the Timewreck in this story rich rogue-like RPG. Build up your team and collect time crystals as you battle, outwit, and discover different dimensions as Independent Time Specialists for Epoch Inc. Epoch Insurance does not cover brain warping, injuries from alternate versions of you, or spontaneous combustion in the line of duty.

- Change the timeline: Explore the different possibilities of the multiverse! Each time you play has different paths, stories, and characters.
- Build your team: Choose your heroes, level them up, and equip them with the best loot they can find.
- Fight: Discover strategic, deep, turn-based combat. Fight your own way with team customization for different builds to take on the Gods of the planar array.
- Outwit: Learn the best way to approach any encounter. Sometimes skills can be more useful than fists.

Did you make it this far? Congrats. Have a hit of dopamine on us.

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