Moon Knight

Moon Knight


With MOON KNIGHT, Marvel brings a lesser-known comic book character to life on-screen. Londoner Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) is a museum gift shop cashier who can't understand why he suffers from constant sleepwalking episodes and frequently loses track of time. Eventually he realizes that his intensely terrifying dreams are actually happening. When he blacks out, he is sharing his body with ex-U.S. military mercenary Marc Spector. Marc/Steven has dissociative identity disorder, and also embodies the Egyptian god Khonshu and the vigilante superhero Moon Knight, Khonshu's human avatar. Together, Marc/Steven's identities are waging a battle against Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), leader of a cult who worships ancient Egyptian goddess Ammit. Arthur believes he is carrying out Ammit's will by killing people who have an inherently bad human nature. Can Moon Knight navigate his multiple identities and Arthur's connection to powerful Egyptian deities as he aims to triumph over evil?

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