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Maryam Amirebrahimi

“Qariah” translates to a woman Quran reciter, but it is not a well known term in Muslim communities in the west. The app aims to mainstream Qariahs so that when little girls ask their mothers or aunts or sisters or homegirls, “Why are there no women Quran reciters?” The answer will be a resounding, “There are an uncountable number of them- and God willing, you and I can be them too!”

The Qariah app brings the Quranic recitation of women all over the world to your fingertips.

*Global: 45 women living in x countries, representing cultures all around the world: from Tanzania to Indonesia, Australia to Spain, Morocco to Somalia, Canada to Pakistan, Algeria to Malaysia, Turkey to The Gambia, Singapore to Palestine, Nigeria to Syria, the United States to Puerto Rico, Ghana to Greece, the Philippines to Yemen to Tunisia and more.

*Representative: three reciters are converts. Three are blind and two have Down syndrome.

*Qualified: each Qariah has memorized the Quran, has an ijaza (license to teach), or is a national or international Quran competition winners. The app showcases women’s scholarship with Quran and aims to inspire women across the globe to pursue Quranic understanding, memorization, and captivating recitation.

*Expansive: listen to the Quran in multiple recitations and styles.

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