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A key part of TINI’s appeal comes from her ability to navigate pop and reggaetón spaces with apparent ease. Bolstered by a dembow variation, “Cupido,” the new single from the Argentine star, balances her strengths in both genre areas remarkably well. The song details the difficult experience of lovers falling out of love, something just about anyone who hears it can relate to, especially in the tumult of Valentine’s season. “It’s become my companion through the album journey and my life,” TINI tells Apple Music about the song. Though it was first written three years ago, she hesitated to put it out in the world for some rather personal reasons. “I wanted the song to come out when I identified with it,” she explains. “I ended up not only identifying with it, but also naming my entire album after it.” This playlist is updated often, so if you hear something you like, add it to your library.

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