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Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds PLAYLIST ∙  Apple Music Sleep These sedate, ambient, and atmospheric tracks add a gentle touch of color to bedtime. All are specially chosen to fade into the background, facilitating deep relaxation just when you need it most. We regularly refresh this playlist. If you like a mood, add it to your library.

Ambient Sleep

Ambient Sleep PLAYLIST ∙  Apple Music Sleep  Asked about the inspiration behind his eight-and-a-half-hour 2015 album Sleep, the composer and ambient musician Max Richter said it was pretty simple: Sleep is really important, and he really likes doing it. In that spirit, here’s a mix of contemporary and classic ambient music we feel is perfectly calibrated to smooth the passage between the stresses and noise of waking life and the quiet mystery of dreams. Tap in. Lie down. Tune out. Our editors switch up selections regularly here, so if you hear something you like—or, more pointedly, if you don’t hear it—then add it to your library.