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EST Gee’s “Backstage Passes” marks his fourth collaboration with fellow Louisville native Jack Harlow, as the pair seem determined to prove their working relationship is way deeper than just an “odd couple” attention grab. In all fairness, the two don’t exactly look like they’d frequent the same night spots, but one listen to “Backstage Passes”—or any of the songs they’ve made together—and it’s easy to understand that they have much in common as rising rap stars, and maybe more strikingly as they claim on record to each be the MC responsible for putting Louisville on the map. The city is up right now, and most heartwarmingly, each wants to make sure the other gets the credit they deserve for that. Listen to the Pooh Beatz- and Nik Dean-produced “Backstage Passes” on Rap Life, the playlist at the forefront of hip-hop culture today, and if you hear something you like, add it to your library.

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