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“They say they don’t f**k with me, but I say they can’t f**k with me,” GloRilla says at the outset of “Tomorrow,” a standout from her CMG label’s Gangsta Art compilation. It’s an important distinction, and one not lost on featured guest of “Tomorrow 2” Cardi B. Cardi, of course, has never been afraid to go bar for bar with an MC, nor been unwilling to show love to like-minded women trying to make a name for themselves (see HoodCelebrityy’s 2016 breakout “Island Girls”). Like GloRilla, Cardi is ready for any and all smoke on “Tomorrow 2,” rapping, “All y’all bitches sweet and I always get my lick, boo/I fight for my bitches and I’m fighting over dick too!” Listen to “Tomorrow 2” on Rap Life, the playlist at the forefront of hip-hop culture today, and if you hear something you like, add it to your library.

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