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Upon the release of his new LP Gemini Rights, Steve Lacy wrote an exclusive statement for Apple Music. “Gemini Rights is me getting closer to what makes me a part of all things, and that is: feelings,” he wrote of the album. “Feelings seem like the only real things sometimes.” On “Bad Habit”—which headlines Today’s Hits this week—the LA singer-songwriter meditates on a missed opportunity. “I write about my anger, sadness, longing, confusion, happiness, horniness, anger, happiness, confusion, fear, etc., all out of love and all laughable, too. The biggest lesson I learned at the end of this album process was how small we make love. I want to love unconditionally now. I will make love bigger, not smaller. To me, Gemini Rights is a step in the right direction.” Add Today’s Hits to your library to stay up on the biggest songs in pop, hip-hop, R&B, and more.

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